How to try fglrx driver

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Interesting you said it has to be something with hardware support when you seemed to have fixed the problem by installing mate with lxde. I am leaning towards your first diagnosis of a graphical issue.


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I am having trouble getting teamviewer to start at boot and from reading the logs and doing some searches it sounds like it is a video/x windows issue.
The machine has integrated graphics and shows it is the ATI Radeon Xpress 200  which from what I can find can use the fglrx driver.
I downloaded the fglrx package with synaptic
My problem is that software updater does not give me any choices under additional drivers. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to try the fglrx driver to see if it solves the issue?
              Thank you

Given the response I got from the list I decided to go at solving my teamviewer 8 / graphics problems in different way. I looked for suggestions on dstros that worked well with old hardware and installed Mate with a LXDE desktop. Not only does it work, it also allows you to use the x64 version of teamviewer 8. This computer has been a pain to set up but I have learned a lot of options to try when things don't work. I appreciate all the help.


What desktop environment were you using, Unity, KDE? If I come across this same issue, I will know what to do. It also sounds like, the teamviewer icon could not display under the default DE you were using.  

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No it has to be something different in the hardware support. I was running Lubuntu and now have with mate installed with the  LXDE. It could be tied somehow to the specific hardware configuration and the multi arch version of teamviewer 8.  I know on the other boxes that have lubuntu and ubuntu that I've used teamviewer 8 for you have to use the 32 bit version when you move from 12.04 LTS  to 14.04 LTS. I should have written it down but the error messages in the teamviewer logs made it clear it was a graphics issue. It actually would open if a desktop session was open. It would not open on boot and it could not display the login box if you logged off just a distorted version of the login screen. Maybe the fix is tied to using MDM instead of lightdm with this specific machine. 
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