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On Tuesday 22 December 2015 05:56:57 Karl Auer wrote:

> On Tue, 2015-12-22 at 09:39 +0100, robert wrote:
> > At work I have an internet connection with a static IP. A Zyxel isdn
> > modem is connected to it. Trying to ping that IP from outside fails
> > (100% loss). When I am logged in a pc in a private network behind
> > the modem, I can ping the that same IP without loss.
> > Why is that so?
> It sounds a bit as if you have a PPPoE client running on your PC
> handling the connection, and the "modem" really is a modem - not a
> router.
> You can find out pretty quickly. Run this command in a terminal
> window:
>    ifconfig | grep "a.b.c.d"
> ... where a.b.c.d is your static IP address.
> If you see any output from that command, then your PC, and not the
> modem, is handling the connection.
> You said you have a "private network behind the modem". Do you have
> more than one device (PC, printer, whatever) in that network?
> Regards, K.
To me, the term "private network" means its behind a router doing a NAT.  
If the NAT is to a 192.168,x,y address, no router I am aware of will 
allow that to pass UNLESS that "port" is forwarded to a machine behind 
the router in which case that machine is free to respond or not 
according to how it is configured.

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