GeForce 6100 and Ubuntu 14.04 issues

blind Pete 0123peter at
Wed Dec 9 22:39:53 UTC 2015

Bruno Mendoza wrote:

>> Just a wild guess, but which nvidia driver did you install?
>> The old GeForce 6100 video needs the 304 series driver or older.
>> […]
> Yes, I tested 304 Nvidia drivers. I looked for Nvidia GeForce 6100 MCP 410
> into official support devices list but this device isn’t supported. Bad
> luck…
> Thanks.

Nvidia says that the 304 driver does support the GeForce 6100, 
and it was updated to 304.131 in November.    
But you might have found a bug - or there could be some other 
problem.  I don't know the significance of "MCP 410".  Possibly 
you have a problem with your southbridge (the MCP 410?).  

If you are desperate you could try installing the binary from 
nVidia's site (usually not worth the effort) or the VESA or even 
VGA drivers (extremely basic performance).  

It is probably time to forage for a newer discarded motherboard 
or video card - depending on how much you value your time.  

blind Pete
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