Buying a new laptop for Ubuntu

Douglas Pollard dougpol2 at
Wed Dec 9 15:47:08 UTC 2015

I am presntly using a 2005 Dell 6000 with Navagatrix installed in Lubuntu for Navagtion and Ham radio control. It's a great set up for that purpose. I want to dual boot using what I now have plus Ubuntu 15.10 Mate for doing Video and enternet use. I don't feel I can spend over $400. I likley will buy one with windows 10 installed then remove Windows and install my dual boot Ubuntu and am wanting a machine that has hardwre compatable with Linux drivers. I would say a couple megabites of memory and at least 250 megs maybe 500 of hard drive space. I don't need a touch screen and  14 inch one would be a handy size for use on a boat. I am 81 years old so this will likely be my last laptop.  Anybody have any sugestions?   Thanks, Doug   

Douglas Pollard <Dougpol2 at>

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