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Fri Dec 4 15:53:44 UTC 2015

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>Subject: TeamViewer on Linux
>This is probably not an Ubuntu problem specifically, but if anyone out
>there is using the Linux version of TeamViewer, maybe you can help.
>The object of the exercise is to run TeamViewer on a remote system, but
>have the display on the local system. Exactly as one can do, for
>example, with xterm or pretty much any other X program.
>I log into an Ubuntu system from a different system using "ssh -X
>me at server"
>I run xterm on the server, it works. The xterm window appears on my
>local X server.
>I run a wine application called winbox.exe. It's a Mikrotik router
>configuration application, but (cue Frank Drebin) that's not important
>right now. The point is it's an application being run via WINE. That
>works, too, and the winbox window appears on my local X server.
>Then I run the Linux version of TeamViewer, and it doesn't work. Instead
>I get an error message "X11 connection rejected because of wrong
>authentication". Why?
>TeamViewer consist of two parts, a daemon and a GUI. The daemon part
>runs as root, the GUI runs as an ordinary user. Even if I start the
>daemon part as me, it runs as root - though I can see no setuid bits on
>the executable. It also does need to be said that TeamViewer for Linux
>installs with its own WINE installation; I can't seem to run other
>things with the TeamViewer wine, it complains about 32/64 bit issues.
>But TeamViewer does work fine when run on the remote server, on the
>remote server's X display.
>I have used xauth to add the local display to root's .Xauthority, and I
>have tried "xhost +" on the local system; TeamViewer stubbornly refuses
>to run on my local X server.
>Ideas welcome.
>Regards, K.
>Karl Auer (kauer at

I am sorry but I'm confused about what you are trying to accomplish. Why do you need to involve three systems instead of two since the system logging in is just having the GUI forwarded to it why would you want to run a double redirection of the GUI output? 

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