Latest AirCrack, Reaver & PixieWps ?

Grizzly Real_Grizz_Adams at
Thu Dec 3 16:21:22 UTC 2015

03 December 2015  at 14:27, Brandon Tomlinson wrote:
Re: Latest AirCrack, Reaver & Pixie (at least in part)

>Good morning,

>You´re in that scary spot where I would only advise it if you already knew
>how. It´s typically a bad idea to install packages from other releases. You
>sound like you´re really in a position where you know just enough to really
>wreck your system. 

I went for a PPA with a Trusty version of AirCrack 1.2 that works, as noted 
Reaver in Trusty 1.4.2  is the latest (or at least one that should work) so 
that far all was well

B U T  Wash in (this version) Reaver either does not work or something is 
missing, it starts and exits without any AP's been found

I dont want to run a non LTS (but could try it on live Wily)

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