install from tarbal file

Thomas Blasejewicz thomas at
Sun Nov 30 17:50:02 UTC 2014

Good evening
I found that there is this software called "fantasdic" (supposed to be a
dictionary reader)
and would like to try that.
BUT ...
it is provided online
as a "tar.gz" file.

In the readme file it says:

Ruby >= 1.8.0:
GTK+ >= 2.6:
Ruby-GTK2 >= 0.14.1 [*]:
Ruby-GetText >= 0.6.1 [**]:
Intltool [**]:

[*]: Required libraries are: Ruby/Libglade2, Ruby/Gtk2 and Ruby/GdkPixbuf2.
Ruby-GTK2 0.16 is however highly recommended.

[**]: Optional.


$ ruby setup.rb config
$ ruby setup.rb setup
($ su)
# ruby setup.rb install

OK. -> I installed each of the "requirements", except for the GTK+,
where synaptic gives a million files and I have no idea which one to choose.
Next I did all that command stuff.
Yet, I still have only a bunch of folders and files.
Nothing to "run".

WHAT do I have to do to make this thing work?
(why does everything under linux have to be such an incredibly
complicated and incomprehensible task?)

Thank you

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