Bitdefender Unices antivirus on Ubuntu 12.04

NoOp glgxg at
Sat Nov 29 15:44:53 UTC 2014

On 11/29/2014 03:01 AM, Don Parsons wrote:
> Hello
> Has anyone succeeded in installing Bitdefender antivirus on Ubuntu?
> If so, could you describe the installation in detail?
> Thanks
> Don Parsons

$ dpkg -l | grep bitdefender
ii  bitdefender-scanner                                         7.6-3
                                            amd64        Antivirus
solution (Command line virus scanner)
ii  bitdefender-scanner-gui                                     1.0-3

Follow the instructions:
sudo apt-get install bitdefender-scanner bitdefender-scanner-gui

You'll then find bitdefender in your 'System Tools' menu - or from the cli:
$ gksu bdgui
If you do not have gksu installed (14.04), install it: sudo apt-get
install gksu
 - reason for running w/gksu:

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