Installing a printer

Leon Smith Leon.37428 at
Fri Nov 21 23:28:07 UTC 2014

Sometimes some models of printers might have problems or might require
proprietary drivers, I would suggest that you look up on some search
engine whether or not your model is known to have issues connecting with
Ubuntu or other distros.

If it does not, the name of the model would still prove helpful to
assist you.


On 14-11-21 06:13 PM, Scott Blair wrote:
> I can't get Ubuntu to see my printer. It is hooked up to my computer
> through a USB cable. In the past install it worked fine. But on this new
> install, when I go to system settings and click on printer I get a box
> that says: "Printing services not available. Start this service on this
> computer or connect to another server." The ADD button is shaded out. I
> checked and CUPS is installed. What am I missing?
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