14.04 freezes after upgrade

Peter Smout smoutpete at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 00:12:49 UTC 2014

On 05/11/14 23:58, Linda wrote:
> Any suggestions of what logs to look in to figure out why 14.04 LTS is
> freezing. I did an upgrade from 12 and everything seemed to be working
> well, but if I try and open Firefox the machine freezes you can't get a
> terminal or use ctrl alt bksp , which is set to restart X and have to
> turn off the machine and reboot. I removed firefox and ./mozarilla in
> the home directory and reinstalled. It then opened firefox but froze
> again shortly there after.  I could just start over and do a clean
> install, but I'm hoping to make the upgrade work. It is running gnome
> fallback (metacity)
>                   Thanks
>                    Linda
Silly question but what happens if you run firefox from a terminal, do 
you get any errors in the terminal? (+ quitting the terminal SHOULD kill 
f-f if it freezes)

Also did you install Ubuntu Gnome or did you put Gnome on top of another 
Ubuntu? if so the firefox-Ubuntu-compatability layer or whetevr it's 
called these days (the thingy that makes it work with Unity) MIGHT be 
causing a conflict in Gnome?

Also a silly point to raise here (I'm sure I'll be shot down in flames 
if I am incorrect) but does Gnome Fallback still exist, I am almost 
certain that I've seen a discussion about the removal of the fallback 
option. (personally I don't like the new Gnome but thats just me)

If the only issue is f-fox I am certain the need to re-install will NOT 
be necessary, however back up your passwords (if you save them) and your 
bookmarks (really easy to do from in f-f but MUST be a file somewhere!)

Happy hunting

Pete S

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