Filter incoming mail from lists with mailfilter

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Nov 4 13:22:43 UTC 2014

Toby wrote:
> I got problems with my .mailfilter (maildrop) config. The sorting of
> incoming emails from different Ubuntu mailing lists fails.
> Here is a snippet:
> # Debian mailing lists
> if (/^X-Mailing-List: <debian-announce at>/)
>          to "$HOME/Maildir/.Linux.Debian.Announce"

> # Ubuntu mailing lists
> if (/^X-BeenThere: ubuntu-server at>/)
>          to "$HOME/Maildir/.Linux.Ubuntu.Server"

> I've had the Debian entry's for years and they still work. I recently
> signed up for the Ubuntu lists and it fails. All emails from Ubuntu
> lists ends up i the standard Inbox.
> The "X-Mailing-List" header is missing from the Ubuntu lists and it
> seems "X-BeenThere" does not work. Anyone got a hint for me?

I have no idea how to write those filters, so I can only guess ...

If I compare the entries above, I see that you put a ">"  at the end of 
the ubuntu-server entry, but there is no "<" in the same line. I don't 
know if you need both ">" and "<", but if you don't need them for the 
syntax, you should omit the ">" because there is no such character at 
the "X-BeenThere" header.

There is a "List-Id" header - maybe you can use that one instead of the 


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