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Matthew mattjcliffe at
Sun Nov 2 12:02:34 UTC 2014

Whilst in strict terms root should not own files in /home it is not 
uncommon or unheard of.  Look at the files root owns and decide if you 
are happy with them being editable outside of root privileges if so you 
can sudo chown username filename.

As far as I can tell this should not ruin a restore from backup as the 
files you listed only really refer to desktop settings. If anyone else 
can help further or finds a problem with my response feel free to let me 

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> Subject: Back up files
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> I have been backing up my Home directory and have
> seen that a few files and directories won't back
> up. I have checked into them and found out that
> the files and directories are owned by Root.
> Here are the files and directories:
> /home/scott/.cache/dconf
> /home/scott/.dbus
> /home/scott/.gconf/desktop
> /home/scott/.gvfs
> My questions are:
> Why does Root have files and directories in my Home
> section?
> Will this impede a correct restore because they
> are not backed up?
> Can I Chown them with out any repercussions?
> If I can Chown them I am not sure on the correct
> way to do it.

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