No bluetooth symbol on top right heading

Washington Indacochea at
Sat Jun 28 03:22:22 UTC 2014

I have the same problem with 12.04, but now with 14.04 working fine by 

Dell Inspiron 1750

El 26/06/14 12:07, Liam Proven escribió:
> On 26 June 2014 14:18, Don Parsons <dfp10 at> wrote:
>>   I am using a Dell Inspiron 660 desktop. I have ordered a USB Bluetooth plugin module that is said to work with Linux and will look again for the icon when I have it. Thanks
> You see, I *did* have to ask. :¬)
> I think you'll find it's really easy when your dongle comes. Turn off,
> plug it in, turn on, and there will be your little Bluetooth icon in
> the top panel.

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