Disk imaging program?

John Hupp ubuntu at prpcompany.com
Wed Jun 25 18:04:03 UTC 2014

On 6/25/2014 1:12 PM, Nils Kassube wrote:
> John Hupp wrote:
>> And point well taken: it does seem to me that, as a refinement of the
>> initial suggested plan, gzip alone should suffice since we are dealing
>> with a single-file output from dd and not a collection of files.
> Well, you could use a command chain dd | gzip | tar to split the output
> for several DVDs including a prompt for the next medium.
> BTW: If you want to save data only, you shouldn't use tar for ntfs
> partitions because tar doesn't know about the ntfs permissions which
> different from the Unix permissions.
> Nils

Tar must do some processing of its source contents then?  The original 
suggestion for using dd in this thread came from Niles Rogoff, and his 
prescription was to use usplit.  I don't know that this command is 
native to Ubuntu, but I believe split is.  And if split merely does 
that, then it seems like ntfs or unix permissions should be preserved.  

And I think I still have this question lingering: Does dd knows how to 
prompt for the next DVD (the next split) during a restore operation?

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