nullmailer - Sending failed: Could not exec program

Graham Watkins at
Sat Jun 21 14:48:13 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

Continuing to try to get RKhunter to mail it's log to me.

I've installed nullmailer and configured (or misconfigured) it. However, 
I am not receiving mails and sudo nullmailer-send brings up the following:

Rescanning queue.
Starting delivery, 8 message(s) in queue.
Starting delivery: protocol: --port=25 host: file: 
Sending failed: Could not exec program

and so on for each message I've tried to send.

My nullmailer remotes file looks like this: --port=25 at 

(password details removed)

I suspect that this may be where the fault lies as configuration 
instructions tend towards vague.

If anyone can point out where I might be going wrong. I'd appreciate it.

If it matters, I am using version 1.1.11-2.1



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