System is running in low graphic mode

Jasleen Kaur jasleen.7956 at
Sun Jun 15 12:59:30 UTC 2014

> Hi,
> My first question would be has any hardware (graphics cards, ram, or the
actual monitor / screen) changed since installation? Might also be worth
checking connectors inside case if it's a desktop PC that has been moved!


> The next place I would look would be in the xorg.log(s) located in
/var/log any lines that look like errors post back up on this list.
> NOTE: You can use the console (CLI) to navigate to and view the logs if
you cannot get to a working Desktop Environment. Use cd /var/log to
navigate to the log directory, then use the ls -a command to LiSt the files
in that directory and then open the log with nano (nano xorg.log)
in xorg.log, i found the error something like didn't parse 10 line of
xorg.conf. i remember yesturday i edited that file and add some line there.
By deleting that line and rebooting it, problem solves :-)
somewhere i read to install current nvidia drivers for solution and i
installed that today too.

can you tell me more about x.conf file and about this error for knowledge
thanks for help
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