Most Recent Kernel Update Makes Machine Unusable

Brandon Vincent Brandon.Vincent at
Sun Jun 8 18:54:57 UTC 2014

On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 7:57 AM, Kenneth Jacker <khj at> wrote:
> Upon rebooting, the machine was "sluggish" and the GUI/Desktop only
> contained "empty" windows.  The only way I could continue was to hold
> down the "power button" ... :(
> After trying various things, I went back (via Grub) and reverted to the
> previous kernel (2.6.32-60), which returned things to "normal".


I helped another user on this list with the same issue last week.
Please see the following thread post and filed bug reports.

Support for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop ended on May 9, 2013. At this
point in time there should be no expectation for further support of
desktop systems running 10.04.

Since last year, the updates you have been receiving have only been
issued for packages listed as components of the server release, which
has extended support until April of 2015. This means desktop systems
running 10.04 are running packages with security vulnerabilities. For
example, you're probably running Firefox 20 while the latest version
is 29.x.

It would appear that the updated kernel package was not tested with
the older components of X or Gnome which would traditionally only be
found on desktop systems.

Brandon Vincent

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