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On Saturday 07 June 2014 14:04:57 Dave Stevens did opine

And Gene did reply:

> Quoting Vinny Ray <Vinny at>:
> > Not really sure how a program can infect me unless I choose to
> > install it. This is my personal computer. It never leaves my house.
> > No one else EVER has access to it.

Anything connected to the cat5 port, if s/he, sitting in Pongyang, can 
guess your username & pw has the same rights to do something to your 
computer as you do.  Never ever forget that.

Just one of the reasons my home network has a decent router, with enough 
resources to be reflashed to dd-wrt, is in the cable between my local 
switch, and the cable modem.  In 6+years of having that setup, I have 
watched the logs from it, and seen literally billions of attacks go by.  
Only one person has come thru it, and I gave him the username & pw to do 
it as I needed help with something I knew him to be an expert at.  I've 
also known him since he was a late teenager in 1984.
> is it connected to the internet? and BILLIONS of other computers?
> hmmmmmm??
> Dave

Another bit of advice, do not start a new message/thread to reply to an 
existing message, instead, include that text in your reply, and type your 
replies under the text you are replying to as I have done here.  Then, 
before sending the reply, clear out that portion of the old text that 
isn't related to the instant subject.

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