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Liam Proven lproven at
Thu Jun 5 07:06:28 UTC 2014

On 4 June 2014 16:00, Vinny Ray <Vinny at> wrote:
> I have no intentions of trying to keep both windows and Linux on my system.
> I am trying to clean windows off of my system.
> I have even thought of using a a fingernail file to rub the "microsoft"
> emblem off of the little key on my keyboard. I feel inferior just having it
> on there.

There is a saying: "there is no zealot like a convert."

Sounds like you are in the early stages. Take a few deep breaths, wait
a few weeks, it'll pass.

Remember the first axiom of computing: all software sucks. All
operating systems suck, all programming languages suck, all
applications suck.

Linux has different faults, but it has faults. At least it's free and
gets you out of the cycle of proprietary upgrades, though.

Sure you can single-boot your PC with just Ubuntu, no problem. It's
very easy, just remove all existing partitions as you install. But
remember, all your existing data will go away, too. So keep copies of
it off the computer on external disks - ideally, 2 or 3 copies, in
case one of those disks dies.

And you can get little Ubuntu stickers to cover the Windows logo if
you want. :-) It's a fun idea - I just did it to mine.

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