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>> >> What is the best way to approach this?
>> >
>> >
>> > I've been 100 % GNU/Linux since 2001, when I discovered Slackware 7.1.
>> > I'm running a small Linux-based IT company, and I also work as a Linux
>> > trainer for companies in France.
>> >
>> > The last time I've used Microsoft Windows was just before Windows XP
>> > out. I've never touched any Windows system for work since, except of
>> > to integrate Windows clients in a Linux network.
>> >
>> > Why not just backup your data and migrate your PC completely?
>> There are some situations where there is no good Linux alternative.
>> For example I have an Olympus digital voice recorder for which there
>> is no working USB driver available in Linux.  Also a Topfield PVR
>> where the USB access from Linux is poor.
>> Colin
> I dual boot Ubuntu and Linux because I'm primarily a dedicated computer
gamer.  Some of my games simply won't run on Linux under WINE no matter how
much I tweak.  I use Linux when I need to do something with my computer
that requires a lot of security. It's also a fun OS to play around with a
little bit.
> Jared
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Speaking from my personal experience, loose Windows completely! I started
out with dual boot and found Windows even more annoying in that everytime I
booted into (vista) it wanted to update and was really slow and
unresponsive, and when that annoyed me so much I couldn't stand it any more
windows would take an age to shut down and let me back into a real system!

Go for it take the plunge you'll never look back, and if you need to have a
'virtual Windows' using virtual box or VMware

The op's original question was will his machine boot from USB without
Windows there, if he can boot the live media before Windows then yes he'll
be fine, if they are running ubuntu from within Windows using wubi or such
like then maybe they be better off using a DVD burnt from the same ISO as
the USB stick.

My advice is have both to hand just incase

Have fun

Pete S
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