Firefox problems - revisited

Curt Tresenriter ctres at
Tue Dec 23 09:59:50 UTC 2014

On Mon, 22 Dec 2014 19:23:11 -0500
Bill Stanley <bstanle at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm back again after a lot of work and investigation.  The situation
> is the same as before... See Firefox problems for the history.
> 1.  The problem is that I can't connect to many sites using Flash. 
> example
> 2. Shockwave is strongly suspected, Firefox disables the Shockwave 
> plugin and says there are security risks and it is out of date.
> 3. I had Mint/Mate version 16 and reinstalled it using Mint/Mate 17.1 
> (the most recent release).
> 4. The version of Shockwave was the same old one causing the
> problems. I had problems updating it so I installed Ubuntu / MATE.
> I thought the problem would go away but NO DICE!  It's still there.
> Some other things I discovered.
> 1.  The version of Shockwave for the new version of Ubuntu/Mate
> 14.04.1 is Shockwave  This is the same version that I
> think causes the problem.  Firefox has disabled it.

I've also got Shockwave version 
I'm having an occasional problem with FF (v. 34 on Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.1)
but videos play alright eventually but Chromium acts exactly the same
Looks like a BBC problem to me.

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