Firefox problems

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Mon Dec 22 03:26:17 UTC 2014

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Updating did not go from Mint 16 - Petra (which I have), to Mint 17.   I
am in the process of reinstalling using Mint 17.  Once I am done with
that, I intend to try prebar.

Thanks for all the good advice..

> You're welcome. Be sure to try from a new FF profile.
WS=> I think I was premature in thinking that I solved the problem with 
a full reinstall.  I installed the latest version of Mint/Mate which is 
17.1.  When I tried using FF to visit I still have the same 
problem.  I then tried Opera and it too has the same problem.  Other 
websites that do not use flash are displayed correctly.

I did some investigation into the plugins for firefox and the same old 
Shockwave Flash  version 11.2 r202is being used.  I am going to try 
prebar to see if that makes any difference.  Another option is to 
install Ubuntu (I hope you have the Mate option) and see what happens.  
Since I dual boot with Windows, I also will see If Windows is affected ( 
I don't use Windows to surf the web, It isn't safe.).

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