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Sat Dec 13 01:25:46 UTC 2014

Although I have recently begun using Centos I now want to create a Ubuntu USB
stick to use when traveling, doing so I have run into problems.
The stick is a 64 Gb stick to allow for lots of persistent data on it, I created
a couple of partitions but cannot get grub to work (I intentionally choose to
use grub, not grub2, to gain familiarity with the older version).
I followed the instructions at
since it seemed to be low-level for me to learn the basics. I made a couple of
changes: (1) I changed the disk format from FAT32 to ext2 for the boot partition
to allow for a larger boot partition: (2) the initrd.gz file now seems to be
called initrd.lz and I made that change.
At the end, however, I cannot get the USB stick to boot from the two computers I
tried it on, none of which I believe uses UEFI booting. I believe I need to use
grub2, not grub, if I want the stick to boot on a computer using UEFI?
Is it possible for someone knowledgeable to suggest what might be wrong? My
basic assumption is that grub can be used to boot Ubuntu 14.04.1. I also want to
do this at the low level, not use a tool to create the USB stick.
Second, if there is a low-level description how to create such a stick this
using grub2 for UEFI booting, please point me to it since I may eventually have
to do this to allow the stick to be truly usable.
Thank you.
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