remote access numberpad doesn't work

Linda haniganwork at
Wed Dec 10 23:48:26 UTC 2014

I am having a really strange issue with teamviewer 8 (that 
is the version I own a license for) User number 1 can logon 
from a machine running 14.04 onto a brand new clean install 
Ubuntu 14.04 machine and use the number pad on the key 
board. However for user number 2 the number pad does not 
work.  I tried shutting down both machines and restarting 
thinking maybe the first user to connect was the only one 
that could use the number pad, but user number 2 still can 
not use the number pad when they make the first connection 
and user number 1 can still use it.  It makes me think of 
the old days with kermit when you had to choose and set the 
character set and terminal type, but there doesn't seem to 
be any  place to set them with teamviewer. Wondering if 
anyone has any ideas? Maybe an environmental variable on 
either of the machines. Any suggestions would be 
appreciated. If it didn't work at all I could understand it, 
but how it works for one and not the other is driving me nuts.

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