ctrl-c doesn't work to break out of program in terminal

iceblink iceblink at seti.nl
Wed Dec 10 07:27:33 UTC 2014

On 2014-12-10 05:35, Linda wrote:
> Since I upgraded to 14.04 LTS I've noticed that ctrl-c no longer
> breaks out of a running command in a terminal. Does this need to be
> set somewhere for the bash shell? Any other ideas on why this has
> changed.
>                       Thanks
>                        Linda

It could be a setting in /etc/bashrc, something like:

  trap "" 1 2 3

(My Ubuntu is older so I can't check this.)
I'm not sure whether this is some sort of new default, but I saw the 
same on a Redhat installation.

You can circumvent by adding in your own ~/.bashrc file:

   trap 1 2 3

That way the HUP, INT and QUIT interrupts are re-enabled.

Best regards,

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