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Hi Charles (don't forget to reply to the whole list)

On 4 December 2014 at 11:54, Charles Irons <irons.charles at> wrote:

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> Thanks Matt and Colin
> 1.    Man cron has 160 lines of notes that I don't understand.
> 2.    What is the name to insert for Software Updater?
> 3.    How do I authenticate for Software Updater?
> 4.     How do I set a time to run?
> Sorry but I am not really competent with terminal operation.

There are a lot of good tutorials on the internet that will help you more
than I can in an email.  Here's a good starting place:

In short, "crontab" is the command you want to consult/edit the jobs.

The jobs executed by the current user:

*crontab -l  *# list them in the terminal
*crontab -e  *# edit them in your default editor

The jobs executed by superuser (which you will need to be in order to
update apt)

*sudo crontab -l  *# to list them
*sudo crontab -e  *# to edit them

Each command is entered as a new line.
Leave a blank line at the end of the file (it should warn you if you don't
do that)

The format for each line is (each parameter separated by a single space):

minute (0-59), hour (0-23, 0 = midnight), day (1-31), month (1-12), weekday
(0-6, 0 = Sunday), command

Example line to run a command at 01:00:

*00 01 * * * /usr/bin/somedirectory/somecommand*

Hope that helps you get started.

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