Storing information very securely

Jon J ubuntu-users at
Wed Dec 3 09:02:13 UTC 2014

On 14-12-02 09:49 AM, drew einhorn wrote:

> As far as I know Dropbox is the only cloud provider with decent Linux
> support.

ownCloud is worth a look as a Dropbox substitute. It has a good Linux client.

Plus the server portion is open source and self-hosted so you don't
have to trust someone else with your data. Plus it can encrypt the
data transmission (so you don't have to trust your internet provider)
and it can encrypt the files on the server (so you don't have to trust
your hosting provider).

Just note that the ownCloud server in the Ubuntu repo is very out of
date - this was the subject of a little controversy a couple of weeks
ago. Download direct from the ownCloud website instead.


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