Storing information very securely

David Fletcher dave at
Tue Dec 2 13:38:58 UTC 2014

On Tue, 2014-12-02 at 08:26 -0500, Don Parsons wrote:
> Hello,
> What is the most reliable and secure storage device (external hard drive 
> or other) for securing a few files with summaries of personal information?
> I don't trust flash drives.
> The drive technology and password system should be standard so that it 
> will survive many years.
> I use Ubuntu 12.04 because 14.04 seems to have too many errors. I do not 
> want to use android systems.
> I am using a Toshiba EXT external hard drive KCC-REM-TSD-CanV63 500GB 
> for routine storage but I want a separate device (that could be smaller) 
> for personal information.
> Thanks
> Don Parsons

Laser print it onto archival quality paper and put it into safe keeping
with your bank/solicitor?

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