dictionaries under linux

Doug dmcgarrett at optonline.net
Mon Dec 1 04:16:12 UTC 2014

On 11/30/2014 09:23 PM, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
> Good morning
> I am aware, that the following is a question / statement NOT to be
> mentioned in this community,
> but I take the risk.
> I am working as a translator using English, German and Japanese.
> Most work is related to technical materials.
> That requires, that I have a lot of dictionaries available.
> In the good old days I made it a hobby to "collect" (printed)
> dictionaries, but today most of those are in the computer.
> I am using the OS that must not be named (like the bad wizard in Harry
> Potter).
> A whole series of commercial dictionaries and a lot of free dictionaries
> give me a small library on my HDD.
> OFTEN the credibility of those dictionaries is a lot higher than the
> stuff the internet gives you.
> By now I am TRYING really hard to get friendly with Linux and am more or
> less desperatey trying to switch to Linux as the OS for my work environment.
> HOWEVER .. while I am after years of unbelievable trouble and spent
> time/effort I have succeeded installing the OS and there is/are
> wordprocessor(s),
> what I lack are those dictionaries!
> I tried to find dictionaries as such, dictionary readers, glossaries
> etc. and am under the impression I tried just about ALL there are.
> BUT .. either I could not make those things work at all, or I get a
> performance (search results) that are at best
> a poor excuse for a dictionary.
> Like (don't remember the exact software): I look up the French "maison"
> and get ONE WORD = house.
> The rest of the screen is a vast, white desert.
> Try to look up some common word like maison in ANY printed dictionary
> (no chance for Windows being at fault here):
> you get at least 2-2 pages of related results. And THAT is precisely
> what I need.
> Or proprietary software like Britannica, Brockhaus etc.
> I googled myself silly to find out, whether there are native Linux
> versions (either free or commercial), for ANY brand of Linux,
> but came up practically nothing.
> If there ARE no usuable dictionaries for Linux, the only solution I can
> see, is install Windows via something like Virtualbox etc.,
> install all those very good dictionaries I have under that "virtual
> Windows" and manage somehow.
> (provided that works)
> That does not seem to be an elegant solution, and I expect the "work
> load" of translation to increase due to constant switching.
> So .. if there ARE good dictionary readers etc. out there -> I would
> like to know where I am supposed to look.
> (the "repositories" do not offer anything that I do not know already)
> Sorry for the commotion and thank you in advance.
> Thomas
Just a quick Google for Langenscheidt. They claim 20 languages on line
from Arabic to Hungarian. Don't know if it includes Japanese.
Apparently you have to log in, maybe pay a fee or something, I didn't
follow up, but if it's on line, you should be able to access it from
Linux via your browser.


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