What Ubuntu is best for Lenovo Laptop?

GaryTaig taig at melbpc.org.au
Fri Apr 25 04:12:50 UTC 2014

On 25/04/14 06:58, Colin Law wrote:

[big snip]
> You might find there are graphics problems with old hardware using
> Unity.  In your situation I would try running 14.04 off the live image
> and see if it works ok (it will be slow of course running off the
> image so you must allow for that).  If the graphics does not work then
> using 12.04 is an option, but that will have a limited life, so I
> would suggest Lubuntu 14.04, or Xubuntu 14.04.  You can try them from
> the live images but it is not difficult to install a basic system so
> in any case you can install one and try it, then try another and see
> which you like best before committing yourself to a full setup.

Many thanks, Colin.
It's clear I'll have to devote some time to this. Hadn't given a 
moment's thought to trying out the live images but that's the way to go. 
It will avoid my main concern, being under pressure to solve an issue 
when time is limited. Case in point, the potential "graphics problems" 
you mentioned.

Much appreciated

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