What Ubuntu is best for Lenovo Laptop?

Martin Cigorraga martincigorraga at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 18:01:19 UTC 2014

Hello Gary,

In terms of snappiness Xubuntu (using the Xfce Dektop) or even Lubuntu will
be unmatched on your system as thay are crafted to use as less resources as
possible, specially Lubuntu which aims to run smooth on lower-end software.

But Ubuntu is a big family and has a choice for everyone: from the good ol'
Ubuntu with it's nice Unity (yes, I love it and am one of the first that
saw its potential back a 11.10 when they first introduced it), Kubuntu
sporting the *AWESOME* KDE SC desktop, by far the most complete and
featureful Desktop Environment with an incredible flexible Framework and
powerful applications (yes, I'm KDE die-hard), Ubuntu GNOME that brings
GNOME Desktop experience to Ubuntu and so far.

Being you'r laptop a Core 2 Duo I would go with Xubuntu (the Ubuntu flavor
I'm actually using) as it is the best alternative between features,
usability and system requirements. In fact I was running Ubuntu 14.04 on
this very same laptop (i5 480m, 8gb RAM, GPU Intel Ironlake HD 2500/ATi
Madison 5600 mobile) and while Ubuntu was running indeed quite smooth,
Xubuntu _flies_.

In the end it's only up to you to choose whicever fits your style, needs
and use, you'll have to make some spare time, download them all and try
them - it's worth that.
Btw, please note that at least in Kubuntu you can selectevily turn off
Eye-Candy (system's visual effects) or just turn them completely off in
order to have a smoother experience with your actual hardware. Your KDE
desktop wont be as beautiful as it can be but you will be able to use all
its amazing features at a reasonable speed ;)

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