USB memory stick question

Phil phil_lor at
Wed Apr 23 04:53:16 UTC 2014

On 04/23/2014 02:39 PM, Martin Cigorraga wrote:
> "Still no go. The laptop boots from the older USB stick but not from the
> newer one. However the newer USB stick is recognised, once I've booted
> from the older stick, so it doesn't seem to be a USB stick fault, just
> an incompatibility problem."
> A shot in the dark: could it be the Verbatim stick has the firsts
> sectors damaged?
> To be absolutely sure that the problem is the laptop and not the stick I
> suggest you try booting it from another machine.

Hello Martin,

I splurged on another USB stick, this time a Sandisk and the result is 
the same. Only the old 256 MB USB stick will boot the equally old laptop.

I had considered testing the newer sticks on my working laptop. I 
probably should as long as I'm careful. I'll let you know how it goes.


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