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Peter Smout smoutpete at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 10:10:30 UTC 2014

On 19/04/14 02:39, Martin Cigorraga wrote:
>     I always thought Linux was about choice not having things put upon
>     you and told you cant do anything about it!!
> Absolutely, GNU+Linux _is ALL about choice_: do you know how to fork and
> chance a feature you want to see implemented in another way? Go and do
> it. Don't you like it at all? Don't use it, no one is forcing you or
> pushing a gun on your back. If GNOME devs thinks the way they do things
> is the right way then there you have, there's nothing more to say about
> that.
> There are PLENTY of options in GNU+Linux to suit almost every taste, not
> to mention within the big Ubuntu family itself that sports very much all
> - if not all - of them, it's just to you to have a minimum of will to
> make some research.
> Ubuntu (Unity), Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (Xfce), Lubuntu (LXDE), Ubuntu
> GNOME - and derivatives: Mint, Bodhi (Enlightenment), Studio... if that
> isn't choice, what is? To pay for a privative close-source OS where you
> don't have the chance to know what's really going in there and to still
> be limited to the way you're supposed to use it?
> I rather prefer to donate the same amount of money I would spend on such
> OSs to the F/LOSS projects I care.
> -Martin

I quite agree, and have donated to Ubuntu, in the past & will again in 
the future! And of course I don't use Gnome (I initially installed it 
with Sabayon on my test box, just to see... the people at Sabayon were 
wonderful, in that they explained where the config file was and how to 
change it, but trying to make it "stick" passed upgrades was in the end 
beyond us!). The upshot of that experiment is that I will not choose 
Gnome 3!

Having said that I'm pleased that you find it good and goes to prove the 
old saying "different strokes for different folks"!

It was more a rant at the lack of "customer" reconfigurability that the 
Gnome devs seem (from my point of view) forcing upon their "customer 
base" than a criticism of your choice! If it works for you then use it, 
for me Unity is a whole lot better than Gnome 3, although much as I 
liked it at the time, I could not go back to Gnome 2 style 
menus-in-menus again. The world moves on and so must I.

Happy Ubuntu Gnome-ing  and I hope you enjoy using it and it does 
everything you require it to do!

Pete S

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