poor speech quality with skype

Lanoxx lanoxx at gmx.net
Tue Apr 15 11:22:39 UTC 2014

I have recently read, that the skype version from skype.com has issues
with Ubuntu and it is recommended to install from the Ubuntu partner
repository. Did you do that?

The sound quality on my PC is quite good. Some things to consider about
the hardware:

 * Does your partner (and you) use a dedicated headset, or the build in
microphone of the notebook (or webcam). I recommend to buy a high
quality headset, personally I use Sennheiser which is very good.
 * The sound card can also have a big impact, previously I was using an
X61 which had a rather poor sound card, after I upgraded to the X230 the
sound improved quite a lot.

Kind Regards

On 15/04/14 10:09, robert wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am jointly working with some guys in India. (I am based in Switzerland)
> The sound quality using skype is very poor and borders to unusable.
> I had that accepted as a fact of life..
> When we were using android however, the sound was very good..
> So it looks as it is not a fact of life but of the settings involved..
> Now my question:
> What can I do to improve the the sound quality when using skype on ubuntu?
> My partner is using a Ubuntu 12.04 Box. I am using 13.10
> I would not mind buying extra hardware (if the price is reasonable) for
> my indian partner..
> thanks for your answer
> robert

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