How do I find the location of a file that starts a program at boot time?

Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Apr 9 19:44:35 UTC 2014

On 9 April 2014 19:28, Bob <ubuntu-qygzanxc at> wrote:
> ** Reply to message from Colin Law <clanlaw at> on Wed, 9 Apr 2014
> 08:43:56 +0100
>> On 9 April 2014 07:10, Bob <ubuntu-qygzanxc at> wrote:
>> > Linux newbe.  I installed the NUT monitor from the Ubunut Software Center.  The
>> > Ubuntu Software Center lists version 2.6.4-2.3ubuntu2 but when I look at the
>> > NUT Monitor ABOUT the program has version 1.3!
>> In a terminal, what do you see for
>> apt-cache policy nut-monitor
>> and
>> apt-cache policy nut
>> That will show you which version is actually installed.
> bob1 at Jupiter:~$ apt-cache policy nut-monitor
> nut-monitor:
>   Installed: 2.6.4-2.3ubuntu2

In that case that is the version you have installed.  You could search
your PC to make sure there are not two copies of the executable file
in case there is another version lying about.  The command
which nut-monitor
 (or whatever the executable you are running is called) will tell you
where the one you are running is from, assuming you are running it
from the command line.


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