Anyone interested in a "GNOME 2 look and feel" remix?

Tom H tomh0665 at
Sat Oct 26 22:00:31 UTC 2013

On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 12:56 PM, Liam Proven <lproven at> wrote:
> On 25 October 2013 21:53, Tom H <tomh0665 at> wrote:
>> Don't LXDE and XFCE rely on GTK+ 2?
> Yes they do. :¬)
>> Using that rationale, should they also be avoided? :)
> Good point.
> OTOH, for them, AIUI, it's just a widget toolkit and a possible port
> to Gtk3 might not be so traumatic. Maté OTOH is a whole huge
> assortment of Gtk2 objects flying in close assembly and might (I say
> might, I do not know enough to say for sure) be significantly harder.

Thanks. I wasn't aware of the different levels of their uses. Only
time will tell whether, when, and how they all transition to GTK+ 3.

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