firefox on 12.04.3 live cd not working

LimpTeaM limp at
Thu Oct 24 09:29:51 UTC 2013

Yes i check files.
I have a bootble usb with ubuntu 12.04.3 and other programs. And ubuntu 
is iso image that was defgragmented to use as bootable.

When i start live cd it boots to unity. Than I open firefox. It opens 
correctly but any page that i want to open couldn't be displayed.

When i doing ping or traceroute - always ok.

All other programs works well.

If i install ubuntu from this bootble usb firefox works fine :)

24.10.2013 12:34, Colin Law пишет:
> On 24 October 2013 07:41, LimpTeaM <limp at> wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Have a problem with ubuntu 12.04.3 live cd. When i boot to it, i can't
>> browse internet because firefox starts but any page not displayed.
> Have you checked the live cd by selecting the check files option on booting?
> What do you see when you attempt to use the browser?  Saying "any page
> is not displayed" is a bit vague.
>> Connect to the internet is ok. And pings are good.
>> It's a bug or feature? :)
> It is something to do with your particular setup as most do not have
> this problem.
> Colin

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