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Mon Oct 21 15:35:39 UTC 2013

Sorry about top post, but I do not think the conversation matches the
subject of the email. Anyways, I end up re-installing to fix the network
issue. Just installing tg3.ko did not help.

On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Liam Proven <lproven at> wrote:

> On 21 October 2013 14:53, Avi Greenbury <lists at> wrote:
> > I'd say most people's mileage is different :)
> Wel;l, OK, but a fair few people commented "+1" or something, no?
> > Your first three points are
> > specifically for when someone uses multiple different Linux installs
> which I
> > don't think is very normal,
> Upgrading Ubuntu can be a bit fraught. Yes, it usually works, but I've
> also seen it fall over quite badly and heard of it quite a lot.
> Installing a 2nd copy is a good way round this.
> Also, that makes me think of an additional reason, actually.
> As an Ubuntu root partition need only be small by modern standards -
> 8GB will do at a push, 12GB is plenty and my default of 16GB is
> positively generous - and since Ubuntu doesn't care about being
> installed in non-primary partitions, where on disk it is, if it's
> active or not, or if your partitions are out of sequence - it's
> usually easy to find a spare 16GB trimmed off the end of a bigger
> partition somewhere to squeeze an extra copy in.
> This is _not_ true if you're sizing the partition to include the
> user's data, when you need lots more space.
> So, while I take your point, I stand by what I said.
> >  your fourth is largely fixed by modern
> > filesystems
> I have lost data on every allegedly-robust filesystem known to man.
> /None/ of them are that safe. Don't believe the hype.
> > (and if that data is important it's backed up against human
> > error anyway)
> Yeah, well, true, but sadly most people don't back up enough. I know I
> don't.
> > and I don't think the last is true.
> Again, all I can say is that it is in my experience, although TBH I
> seldom transfer a whole /home filesystem from one machine or disk to
> another. I have done it, though.
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