Creating an Admin user After Installation - from the CLI

Amichai Rotman amichai at
Mon Oct 14 19:39:10 UTC 2013


I would like to manually add a new user to my Ubuntu 12.04 box with admin

This is what I did so far:

adduser <username>

adduser <username> admin, sudo

Edited the sudoers file with visudoers:

# User alias specification

User_Alias ADMINS = <username>


# User privilege specification


<username>  ALL=(ALL) ALL


I then logged in with the new user, but every time I try to run a command
(like visudoers) it says the command is not found. when I

echo $PATH

the /bin/sbin directory is not in the path.

Is there a similar command to adduser but for admin users (so it copies the
root user skeleton at the end (copy /etc/skel)?

How do I manually create a user like the one I create as the first user
when installing Ubuntu?


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