epiphany & java

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Wed Oct 9 08:49:36 UTC 2013

Liam Proven wrote:
> On 8 October 2013 16:59, Dave Howorth <dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Thanks. The system tells me that icedtea-plugin is "a dependency
>> package, it can be safely removed after upgrade". I do have
>> icedtea-6-plugin installed, which I guess firefox also uses?
> I would suggest icedtea-7-plugin and the v7 JVM. V6 is rather old now
> and on its way out.
> If you install icedtea-7-plugin, it ought to pull in the whole v7 JRE
> and automatically remove and replace the v6 one.

Thanks for the idea. I've pulled in icedtea-7-plugin but
icedtea-6-plugin is also still installed. I suppose that's what I would
have expected since having multiple JREs is fairly common.

But in any event, I tried chromium as well and it pulls up java applets
with no problem, so it's clearly an epiphany problem rather than a java
one. Since chromium is also based on webkit, it's fine for me; I just
needed something to test with using that engine. So I'll just give up on

Cheers. Dave

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