Novice query: Installation Help

James Freer at
Wed Oct 2 18:59:23 UTC 2013

> Others strongly feel that separate /home and / are desirable and that
> is fine.  I stopped doing this a couple of years ago however and have
> not regretted it.
> Colin

When I installed 12.04 on a new PC with a 500 gb disk - I decided for
the first time to try a separate /home partition (no dual boot with
windows or another linux distro). It seems to be a popular route. Yet
what i have found is that it retains all the detritis for a new
install i.e. all the .files for apps one has installed and then
removed - which is what one doesn't want on a new install. Prior to
12.04 I was using a much older pc with a small disk so I just did the
"use entire disk" install. "Use entire disk" not being the best choice
with the modern much larger drives.

I was thinking the best approach is to do an install to a 20-30 gb
partition for the system and the rest as another parition just for
data. BUT I haven't seen a post to suggest that this is a good idea?
Then the .files are wiped which is what one wants.


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