.Xauthority issue

Marc Deslauriers marcdeslauriers at videotron.ca
Wed Oct 2 18:28:16 UTC 2013

On 13-10-02 02:17 PM, Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> I'm running Ubuntu 13.04. I've read on the Web that the .Xauthority file in my
> home directory is used to store credentials in cookies used by xauth for
> authentication of X sessions. Meaning I should probably just leave it alone.
> But what about all the other .Xauthority-like files also in my home directory
> with names like .Xauthority.0GWM1W, .Xauthoirity.0TJG2W, etc. What are they
> and can I safely delete them?

You can delete them. Previous versions of lightdm incorrectly created backups,
but shouldn't anymore.


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