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Wed Oct 2 15:31:54 UTC 2013

On 2 October 2013 04:37, AP <worldwithoutfences at> wrote:
> Well I get to know that they measure like 1024 units. And some pretend to
> show bigger sizes!


> / = 16 GB
> /home = 212 GB
> /swap = 2 GB

Sounds good to me.

I do suggest, though, that you make #1 a primary partition and the
other 2 *logical* partitions inside an extended partition. You are
only allowed 4 primary partitions on the PC, but once you have an
extended one, you can put as many as you like inside it.

Don't worry about the difference - it's historical and rarely matters
today. But don't use 3 of your 4 primaries unless you need to.

> I have to understand know 'hibernation' before using it!

It is a desktop or a laptop?

There are two ways to put a computer to sleep so that it uses less (or
no) power and you can pick up exactly where you were later, with all
your files and programs open where they were.

#1 is called Suspend mode. In this, your computer is asleep but the
RAM is kept alive. When you open the lid, it comes straight back to
where it was in a second or 2. But it still uses some power, so a
notebook on batteries will go flat.

#2 is called Hibernation. This way, the computer saves its memory to
disk, then turns right off. It uses no power at all but it takes a
minute to do it. When you turn it back on, instead of booting up
normally, it reloads the memory image and picks up where it left off.
Again, it takes a minute.

Neither is needed on a desktop. Both are handy on notebooks, laptops
and other portables.

Hibernation needs a swap file as big or bigger than physical RAM.
Suspend is not affected by swap.

> Apart from it, I would like to thank all of you and especially for making me
> remember to take the back-up! I burned the .iso image yesterday and
> meanwhile I was just playing with the CD in the live mode and seeing Ubuntu
> in the PC. It had an object 'Install Ubuntu to Hard-disk' (or something like
> that) and thank God I didn't click that, since I had not taken the back-up
> at that moment. I felt a reason to clarify in lists (about installation)
> before installation and thus saved my precious data too! Had I installed
> yesterday Ubuntu, I would have lost all of my data which now has been copied
> to an external hard drive.
> Thanks.

You are welcome, and good luck. I'm sure you will be fine and we will
be here to help if you have problems.

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