audacity scrambling desktops

chris chevhq at
Tue Oct 1 05:52:18 UTC 2013

On 01/10/13 18:41, rikona wrote:
> I've been trying to edit a couple of mp3s with audacity - 12.04
> Ubuntu, updated. Every time I try to save an edited file, close
> audacity, etc, it scrambles all the desktops. **Every** window gets
> sent to a different desktop in what seems to be a random way. Also,
> since that started, if i try to minimize or change a window, it also
> gets sent to another desktop, but not minimized. Anybody else seen
> this? Any idea what happened? Most important, how might I get this to
> stop?
> So far, only happens with audacity, and the window errors continue
> even after audacity is closed. Is the old Windows reboot the answer?
Worth a try.  Particularly if there has been a kernel upgrade

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