Simple Scan Page Size Issues

Sajan Parikh sajan at
Thu Jul 25 01:13:30 UTC 2013

Ubuntu forums being down, and Google cache being annoying, hoping 
someone can help me out here.

I just purchased and setup a new Epson Workforce 3540 MFC, and after a 
bit of digging and doing, I've gotten everything to work.  I'm having an 
issue however with scanning, and it's an issue that seems many have had 
on the Ubuntu forums.

Basically, Simple Scan will not honor my page size preference.  Whether 
I do 'Automatic' or specify 'Letter', it seems it always scans in Legal 
size.  This is causing each of my scans to have giant white space toward 
the bottom.

Although I mentioned my new printer, I'm fairly certain this is an issue 
with Simple Scan based on the Google results from Ubuntu Forums.

After a little more digging, I tried using a different scanning 
application, gscan2pdf, and that gets the size correct.  So it's 
definitely Simple Scan.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?  I'd really rather use 
Simple Scan over XSane or gscan2pdf.

Sajan Parikh
Owner, Noppix LLC

o: (563) 726-0371
c: (563) 508-3184

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