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Sajan Parikh sajan at noppix.com
Wed Jul 24 08:31:23 UTC 2013

On 07/24/2013 03:00 AM, pete smout wrote:
> You are right, until last year I still held by what I was taught 15-20
> years ago, not to write psswd's down! I learnt the hard way!!! Now I
> never use the same password twice and have a note book (paper one very
> 19th century) sat next to my PC with ALL psswd's noted in it, and all
> the important ones in my head (which of course you can never remember at
> the correct time, but that is my faulty software, and I am still trying
> to debug).
> Please I urge anyone on this list to change their passwords To something
> individual / company :)
> Pete

Why not use a service like LastPass?  Everything is encrypted/decrypted 
client-side using your own, strong master password.  This makes it 
ridiculously easy to have strong, 18 character, Alpha-numeric + symbols 
passwords unique to each service and site.

We use LastPass enterprise and the secure notes feature to easily, and 
securely share credentials.

I'm fairly sure we pay less than $30/yr or something as well.

**Before anyone replies to this with the inevitable, "why would you give 
all your passwords to one company" response, please alleviate yourself 
of ignorance and learn how LastPass actually works, and if you're not 
too familiar with software and/or cryptography, please don't hate on 
LastPass with some tinfoil hat theory.
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