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On 07/24/2013 01:12 AM, Bob wrote:
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>> On 07/24/2013 12:25 AM, Bob wrote:
>>> I can not find stunnel installed in Ubuntu and I can not find stunnel in the
>>> software center.  This surprised me.
>>> Does anyone have a URL for a reliable version of stunnel?
>> I'm fairly sure the package name in the Ubuntu repositories is 'stunnel4'.
>> You can install it using a command like: sudo apt-get install stunnel4
> Thanks, that worked.
> But thinking about the problem I went back into the software center.  If I
> enter stunnel in the search field I do not see stunnel.  If I enter stunnel4 in
> the search field stunnel4 shows up.  Strange results I think.
Interesting.  I just checked, and typing only 'stunnel' showed stunnel4 
just fine.

In any case, you can always use apt to search the repositories using a 
command like: sudp apt-cache search stunnel

That will have stunnel4 in the results.
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