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Nothing is unhackable. It does not matter what system you use, linux,
windows or MacOS. All it takes is time and determination. Linux is by far
the best system to use for security implementation. It has many options.
The well known one is requiring root privilege for system configuration.
That is if the user knows what they are doing.

In the case of the ubuntu forums, vbulletin was the victim and it was said
that this software was outdated. Why canonical did not recognize this is a
big question. Even on a secure system, if the user or admin don't take all
the necessary steps to insure strong security, then anything can be hacked.
This is not a reason. Remember, the system offers option of security. It is
the user that needs to know how to use it.
On Jul 21, 2013 10:28 AM, "Basil Chupin" <blchupin at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> On 21/07/13 23:32, compdoc wrote:
>> Doesn't really answer the question: what system is this vBulletin being
>> run on? Windows?
>> I doubt a community that loves linux would run their systems on windows.
> What I am surprised about is that I would have expected an avalanche of
> posts stating that vBulletin is being run on a server using Linux but so
> far no one has come up with such an assurance which indicates to me that
> Windows is involved.
> What is that (?)annual competition for hackers where the first prize
> offered is the latest model of a well known brand of laptop and where, at
> all such competitions, the first system to be hacked is Windows (the last
> time it took someone less than 2 minutes to hack it) followed by Apple,
> which took a just a bit longer, and Linux has yet to be hacked?
> BC
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