firefox, trackers and ghostery

Sajan Parikh sajan at
Thu Jul 18 10:49:36 UTC 2013

On 07/18/2013 05:09 AM, Patrick Asselman wrote:
> By the way I found your lates blog post interesting to read. The one 
> where you state that you are trying to use Google's services less, 
> though you don't really know why. It put a grin on my face.
> Best regards,
> Patrick
Me removing Google from my life has nothing to do with concerns of the 
Government.  It's more to keep myself, and my business away from a 
unnecessary dependency for key aspects of day to day life.  And since 
that post, I actually have accomplished all points I listed, many of 
which were already accomplished.

Own email servers, own calendaring/contact servers, own jabber servers, 
own DNS, file sync, etc.

It was truly something that's been a goal long before tinfoil hat 
stories came about, and was just out of a need to control as much of my 
infrastructure as possible.

Sajan Parikh

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