12.04 Keybindings

Hal Burgiss hal at burgiss.net
Wed Jul 17 21:08:13 UTC 2013

Keyboard problems ... .I recently upgraded to 12.04LTS, now using Gnome
classic.  I apparently lost most of anything like keyboard shortcuts.
Alt-Tab for instance does nothing. And strangely anything using Ctl + Alt
causes the focused window to maximize window width, reduce window height by
about half, and pin the window against the top of the window. Very strange.

I have tried a bunch of stuff. Holding the Super key down for 2 seconds
(some tutorials) shows nothing. dconf-editor shows one keybinding,
Super+F10, but it does nothing, if I try it. I can't find any keyboard
stuff in gnome-tweak-tools at all. gconf-editor > desktop > ghome >
keybindings is blank. Trying to add something at that point, gives a very
confusing dialog that looks totally irrelevant for setting something like
Alt + Tab. Super + w does do what I think its supposed to (the only one I
have found so far that does), but I've have yet to see what that is

Where to go?

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